About Us

The Guernieri & C. Company makes attractions and rides for fun fairs and travelling shows.

Having started in 1977 it has thirty years experience in amusement rides.

From the outset it has worked hand-in-hand with the S.D.C. Company, the leading company in the world for making fun fair machines.
Subsequently, in 1993 S.D.C. left the amusement ride market for good, and the current SBF and Visa Group rose from its ashes. The Guernieri Company therefore began working closely with the SBF and Visa Group.
The Company has always been involved in making medium and large size machines, and is always researching innovation of its products. Its products are made, based on the client's specific needs.
Also, it seeks to produce machines of any type and size.
During manufacture, each component is strictly monitored, and complies with the industry standards.
The machines the Company specialises in include: Flume Ride, Giant Wheel, Dance Party and Roller Coaster.
The Company also makes many other types of machines.
Its products are known around the world and it is also highly esteemed by competitor companies in the sector.